The Fit Traveler 2 Sets are part of the Explorer Series products and are also extremely popular in the Combo (mask & snorkel) configuration. The quality is equal, or greater, to what you’ll find at dive shops. The Mask is made from Hypoallergenic, 100% silicone and features CE-Tempered lens for maximum distortion-free clarity. Lightweight frame with a pliable and non-feathered nosepiece for ease of draining and feathered edge seal on the mask skirt. The strap is flexible and replaceable with a three-point hold and ratchet quick lock. The snorkel is comfortable orthodontic designed mouthpiece from silicone and eliminates jaw fatigue, with a unique secure center mount design.

The center mask snorkel mount allows for vigorous free style arm stroke and maximum water work outs. The breathing tube has a wide bore for optimal air displacement. Packaged in an environmentally friendly Nat Geo Day Bag.

Available in 3 colors.  Blue/Black with Clear Silicone, and Emerald/Black with Clear Silicone and Red/Black with Black Silicone Mask

Available in 2 size; S/M (4.5-8.5) & (9-13)

EZKsplit-FT2-RC Fins Size Chart

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  • Lenses—CE-tempered
  • Frame—lightweight Delrin™ and plastics
  • Mask Skirt—Hypoallergenic silicone feathered-edge seal
  • Nosepiece—pliable and nonfeathered for ease of draining
  • Mask Strap—Flexible and replaceable with 3PH™ (3-Point Hold)
  • Mask Strap Adjustment—RQL™ (Ratchet Quick Lock)


  • Mouthpiece— Hypoallergenic silicone orthodontic design
  • Snorkel Mask Frame Mount—easy secure, allows easy swim strokes
  • Breathing Tube—wide bore for air displacement/exchange
  • Components—properly sized to create an optimal Fit
  • Splash Guard Design—keeps the snorkel dry under most normal conditions


  • Soft and comfortable foot pockets available in both a closed and adjustable open heel
  • RQL™ (Ratchet Quick Lock) system utilized on the adjustable open heel
  • Replaceable fin straps
  • May be worn with or without additional foot protection
  • Blades made from carefully selected composites to maximize “snap and flex”
  • Combines as many as three different materials to achieve the appropriately desired thrust-to-energy exertion ratio
  • Suited for both a gentle, leisurely swim over a reef or aggressively burning calories in a swimming pool workout



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