What will our snorkel do for you? 

With our patented and award-winning Kapitol Reef Snorkel, you’ll replace the dreaded “snorkel panic” that traditional snorkels give you with easy and natural breathing. With our Kadence Technology, your lung volumes stay larger for deeper dives, and you’ll separate your 02 from your dirty C02 for longer breath holds.

Each set comes with our high-end, ultra clear mask, a set of professional grade fins, and our award winning snorkel made with our patented Kadence Technology.  It also includes a mesh carrying bag to keep the sand out and your Kapitol Reef gear together.


“For breathing on the surface it is luxurious – the Bentley of snorkels.”

-William Trubridge, world champion and double world record holding freediver.


**All of our fins and masks come with adjustable pull straps which allow you to fine-tune your sizing for the perfect fit.**

Size Small/Medium: Easily fit children, growing teens, and most adults. This is our most universal size. (Men’s shoe sizes 4 through 11 and women’s shoe sizes 5 through 12)
Size Large/X Large: Perfect for larger grown adults, both men and women. (Men’s shoe sizes 10 through 14 and women’s shoe sizes 11 through 15).



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