The Reef Cruizer Set is part of the Expedition Series collection. The Set offers a great range of utility at a great value. Appropriate for most types of snorkeling and the perfect set for anyone who is looking for high quality in an easy packable, travel-ready set. The quality is equal, or greater, to what you’ll find at most pro dive shops. Part of the Nat Geo Snorkeler Pro Match/Pro Fit program insures that you will receive items that will be as close to personally fit as possible.

The Mask is Hypoallergenic 100% silicone, and so is the orthodontic mouthpiece on the snorkel. The Cruizer Fins feature soft and comfortable foot pockets that have an adjustable open heel and can be worn with or without additional foot protection.

Simply select your color. Available in Blue/Black with Clear Silicone Mask; Black / Titanium with a Black Silicone Mask, and Yellow/Black with a Black Silicone Mask.

Available in 2 sizes; S/M (4.5-8.5) and ML/XL (9-13)

EZKsplit-FT2-RC Fins Size Chart

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  • Lenses—CE-tempered
  • Frame—lightweight Delrin™ and plastics
  • Mask Skirt—Hypoallergenic 100% silicone, feathered-edge seal
  • Nosepiece—pliable and nonfeathered for ease of draining
  • Mask Strap—Flexible and replaceable with 3PH™ (3-Point Hold)
  • Mask Strap Adjustment—RQL™ (Ratchet Quick Lock)


  • Mouthpiece— Hypoallergenic 100% silicone orthodontic design
  • Snorkel Tab—easy to mount and secure
  • Breathing Tube—wide bore for air displacement/exchange
  • Components—Pro Match / Pro Fit – properly sized to create an optimal fit
  • Splash Guard—keeps the snorkel dry under normal conditions


  • Soft and comfortable foot pockets and adjustable open heel
  • RQL™ (Ratchet Quick Lock) system utilized on the adjustable open heel
  • Replaceable fin straps
  • May be worn with or without additional foot protection
  • Blades made from carefully selected composites to maximize “snap and flex”
  • Travel Sized for ease of transport
  • Combines as many as three different materials to achieve the appropriately desired thrust-to-energy exertion ratio
  • Available in 2 sizes; S/M (4.5-8.5) and ML/XL (9-1



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